The Coconuts Have Eyes

Author Moira French wrote The Coconuts Have Eyes to help people understand how, in the midst of serious troubles, they can expect God to help. That is right - expect! No more worrying about whether we have prayed enough, tithed enough, read the Bible enough, or been obedient enough. Striving to measure up is a trap we fall into that prevents us from trusting God and receiving His help when we need it most.

Come along with Moira as she travels all over Europe, Asia and North America. Forced to trust God because she has no alternative, she is awed as time after time God miraculously comes through with provision, healing, protection, comfort, friends, and love!

Not only will you be introduced to dozens of delightful characters, as well as numerous fascinating customs that make up daily life in foreign countries, but after reading The Coconuts Have Eyes you will be certain that Jesus is real and wants to provide for you, solve your problems, show you the way, comfort you, and bring love into your life.